Clam Shell Sculpture / Planter - Antique Silver
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Clam Shell Sculpture / Planter - Antique Silver
Clam Shell Sculpture / Planter - Antique Silver. Lacquer ware could be considered Asia's most significant contribution to the world in fine art. Vietnam together with Myanmar are considered today the leading countries in Asia for lacquer ware, having preserved their tradition of craftsmanship and maintained high quality of finishing throughout the ages. Vietnamese lacquer originated from the artisans of Phu Tho province in Northern Vietnam more than 2000 years ago. Its characteristic is a smooth and glossy surface with a beautiful deep sheen. Obtaining the lacquer and crafting lacquer wares is a process that requires knowledge, patience, ingenuity and foresight to decorate furniture and accessories, such as trays, vases, bowls, boxes and lamps. Producing lacquer ware involves different craftspeople, from the ones making the wood structure to the ones applying, sand-washing and polishing the lacquer and finally to the ones decorating it. How to care for lacquer ware? Lacquer products and furniture are sensitive to physical assaults, such as scouring agents or sharp edges of objects. They should be handled with some care. Proper storage and cleaning are necessary in order to maintain the beauty and quality of your products. Storage: - Do not exhibit in direct sunlight and extreme heat - Store in a dry place Cleaning: - Do not use chemicals and hot water to clean - Use a dry soft cloth to wipe away dust and moisture - Do not soak in water - A regular polish with beeswax will maintain the glossy finish